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When was Vserstore Electronic Technology established?
Guangzhou Vserstore Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has been established for many years. Over these years, we have been developed from a small workshop with a few employees to a company with a large modernized factory that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and strong workforce. This development is not easy but we have gained a lot out of it - experience, expertise, skills, agility to respond to changes, and more. We have developed an extensive range of high-quality products and now are exporting products to more and more countries.

Vserstore Electronic Technology is a famous case iphone maker in China. The phone case series is widely praised by customers. After the production of Vserstore Electronic Technology mobile phone holder, it is required to go through the water test, inflatable test, air leakage test, etc, so as to guarantee its reliability. In addition, Vserstore Electronic Technology phone cases are of highly shock-absorbing. The product cause little noise pollution. It adopts noise control techniques include sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration damping, and vibration isolation. our company phone cases give you an instant touch of comfort.

Our company values consist of five cornerstone principles: passion, responsibility, innovation, determination, and excellence. These values guide us to conduct business successfully.
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