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How many years of experience does Vserstore Electronic Technology have in producing phone cases for sale ?
Guangzhou Vserstore Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on phone case business for decades. The staffs are experienced and skilled. They are always ready to provide support. Thanks to reliable partners and loyal employees, we have developed a business that is suitable for the global market.

As a firm with national and global competitiveness, Vserstore Electronic Technology mainly concentrates on producing samsung phone covers. The case iphone series is widely praised by customers. During the production of Vserstore Electronic Technology iwatch straps, the ingredients are strictly sourced from reliable suppliers with relevant qualifications in the beauty makeup industry and are highly regulated by government agencies. All Vserstore Electronic Technology products will be strictly tested by professional staff before shipping. Due to its water absorption and breathability, the product maximizes air circulation and reduces sweating during sleep. Samples are also provided in our company.

We have adopted a green operation mode that seeks a balance between business growth and eco-friendliness. We have made progress in cutting energy consumption while ensuring the business stays afloat.
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