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How many employees in Vserstore Electronic Technology?
Since the inception of Guangzhou Vserstore Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., we have been involved in the production and research and development of samsung s5 case . Based on our years of experience, we form an explicit employee recruitment policy to keep bringing qualified talents to join our family. Our employees are all experienced and skillful technicians from the manufacturing industry. They are trained to be dedicated to fulfilling their duties in a strict and qualified manner. We pay attention to the daily training and cultivation of them, aiming to make full use of their capabilities and potential. It is believed that more talents will join us in the future owing to our pay and benefits system.

Vserstore Electronic Technology fabricates under the client's OEM manufacturer and our very own manufacturer. The cell phone covers series is widely praised by customers. Vserstore Electronic Technology mobile phone holder for car is completed by a team of professional workers who pay attention to the smallest details, such as the characteristics of the wood grain. What's more, our phone case are also of high protective performance. Excellent hardness and elongation are its advantages. It has gone through one of the stress-strain tests, namely, tension testing. It will not break with increasing tensile load. The raw materials of the TPU cases are environmental friendly.

We aim to minimize our impact on the environment. We are working to ensure our own operations are sustainable and supporting our customers and their supply chains to reduce their own impact on the environment.
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