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Business type of Vserstore Electronic Technology
Guangzhou Vserstore Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is profit-oriented company specializing in producing apple iphone 6s case . The company has been committed to the development of production technology, the introduction of advanced equipment, professional production of exquisite products. Since its inception, it has always used the most professional corporate system approach to serve our customers and strive to be one of the leading manufacturers.

Vserstore Electronic Technology is a model for Chinese ipad air cover manufacturers seeking to become well-known multinational brands. The phone case series is widely praised by customers. The product features the desired accuracy. During its operation, It consistently performs high standards and runs without any deviations. The accurate hole does not influence the normal use. With this product, sleep will not be interrupted, including sweating, which will interfere with the natural sleep cycle. The design of Vserstore Electronic Technology phone cases is shockproof.

The company culture is to encourage to stay open-minded. We take in individual differences, especially differences in minds, ideas, and mindsets. These differences will strengthen our team's ability by combining different backgrounds, experiences, world views, and expertise.
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